Friday, March 2, 2012

Great News

I've been MIA. Sorry to all those who have called my mom, wondering if we're still alive over here at the Purvis tribe!

We are, there was a few days when I wasn't sure if we'd make it... but we did. We got the flu, the real one. And I couldn't function, let alone take care of all my children who were sick as well. David was out of town, so my parents and friends had to step in, and risk their lives, to help! Thank God for them!

But we're on the other side now, I've even showered recently, and bathed my children, and driven a car. So things are looking up!

And we got some really exciting news recently, some news that we weren't really even hoping to hear until May or June... We will be (finally) moving forward with the adoption of Laila and Noah, the appeal has been heard, and we can now move forward! YAY!

We still have about a month of waiting before we can officially move forward, but we are ecstatic around here! And hope to compete our family of seven early this summer!

A few more weeks until we are expecting the arrival of our little girl. We think we have a name picked out, and it is none of the names we had you vote on:) But we have to wait and meet her, so we'll let you know!

We will be giving birth at the Mountain Midwiferey Center. It is a small birthing center near Denver. I am very excited about the idea of bringing our baby girl into the world in this surrounding, with no drugs, masks, bright lights, wires, or needles.

We have read lot's of books, and here are a few I recommend that have been phenomenal in learning about the natural process of birth:

We also watched this documentary (currently on Netflix): The Business of Being Born

Some really great information! I am looking forward to sharing our experiencewith natural childbirth soon!


  1. Thanks for the post Amanda, i know you have been buried in your life, i have missed the Blog-piece of my daughter...I am so looking forward to loving on these two for the rest of my life! Oma

  2. Sooo AWESOME!! I miss all those guys.

    My sister is having a boy and is naming him Noah. So the Anna Monster is pretty excited to have another baby Noah around.