Thursday, August 25, 2011

Seven Makes Seven... A Big Year for the Purvis Tribe

Seven makes seven?

David and I have been married seven years. And for year seven we're hoping to complete our family.
Nugget and Lady's trial will begin at 9 am on September 22nd. The decision made there will ultimately lead to either their eventual return to their birth parents, or to us being allowed to adopt them. A decision that will effect two families for eternity, a decision that will effect two little babies forever. A decision I am glad I don't have to make.

And as if that wasn't enough. A few months ago we found out why year seven will hopefully make seven... We are also expecting another baby!

Although we lived in a state of complete shock for several weeks, it has now become a reality. We told the kids, we told the families, and now there is no looking back. We are very excited, completely overwhelmed, and grateful that God knows better than us.

We had made a decision several years ago, that with the syndrome that Tre and David have, and the likelihood that any of our future children would have EEC Syndrome(and it's large and scary spectrum), and mostly our desire to adopt, that we would build our family through adoption from there on out.

As a woman, when we made this decision, I mourned the fact that I would never be pregnant again. I always knew that I would love any baby that was "given" to me. I honestly didn't ever think I wanted to HAVE more. But I also didn't know that my first pregnancy would be my last. I wished I had done things differently, mostly I wished for a different birth experience, and a chance to do it again without the fear and doubt that over shadowed Tre's birth and first few months home.

So without fear and doubt, and with joy and excitement, we will hopefully add an additional *three* to our family over the next six months. Nugget, Lady, and baby five!

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  1. Oh Amanda!!!!! I am so happy for you and the Purvis family. Praying for you during all of these changes. Congrats!

  2. Congrats Purvis family! Praying for you and your sweet growing family!

  3. Oh my goodness what a wonderful surprise!! My heart just bubbles when I think about the amazing family you've been blessed with and what an exciting addition this new little one will be! We'll be praying for a wonderful pregnancy and healthy baby!! Congrats :)

  4. You've come a long way MandaBear, from the proclamations you made as a preschooler of what you were so sure your life would be :0)
    I got my computer up at your house, yeah me & Are those baby names on your monitor downstairs? oops, i was looking for a document - i won't tell. Mom/Oma

  5. What incredible news! God is sovereign in all things and I pray that he will continue to encourage all of your hearts. What a testimony your family is and will continue to be. Congratulations :)

  6. Shut the front door - I love living a life of faith - it is so exciting to see God working. Congrats to you and your growing your family...You guys are near and dear to my heart & I love what God has done and continues to do in your lives. Love to you all, T