Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hurricane relaxation

I am sitting at DIA right now... Headed into hurricane Irene for a short vacation with my hubby. Yes, I decided that a hurricane would still be a vacation... Because I currently function in what feels like a hurricane with four children, and now I'll just have the hurricane aspect, no children, so it will be relaxing. I have changed my expectations, of sun, beach, surfing, and eating... To sleeping and eating. It should be great.

I know every mom has to make those decisions that feels like you are putting yourself before your children, but I think that by doing that, you are choosing your children. I am sure I will miss my kids like crazy, and I am also sure that will be plenty of regression because of this little jaunt. But I am also sure that I have to recharge. and that my hubby and I need a few days of just us. And that I will be reminded of my truest heart while I am gone.

So here's to running away, to being a good mom. And to hurricane Irene!

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  1. I honestly believe a good marriage is the best gift you could ever give your children. By putting your marriage first you are putting them first. ENJOY!!! If it makes you feel better we went on a cruise to the Bahamas for our honey moon and had to go through a hurricane to get there. I threw up on the ship but when we got there it was perfect.