Friday, August 26, 2011

Positive Birthing

So obviously this pregnancy was NOT planned. But one of my first (positive) thoughts was "I get to rewrite my birthing experience"!

See with Tre, I felt as if I was more of a spectator than the woman in charge. Even throughout the pregnancy, I let the medical professionals make decisions for me, ones that looking back, I would have made completely differently. And rather than looking at pregnancy as something normal, and rather than looking at EEC as a syndrome that would barely effect my baby's life... I was treated as if there was something wrong with me and my baby.

But when I get on my pity party kick about how things went, or when I get on my high horse about how I want to do things differently this time, I have to remind myself of the millions of women across the globe who do not have medical care. The millions of children who are born with no prenatal care, the 170,000 women who died in child birth last year in Africa. But I also think about my baby D, born into a toilet in Aurora, CO because his mom didn't know she was in labor. Or my little Nugget, who is a product of no prenatal care, and a birth in a bathroom trying to hide from the authorities. Really none of my children have had an ideal prenatal experience.

And I want to be able to change that, not only for baby five, but for a few babies in Africa as well. So once again I am joining with The Adventure Project and Living Goods, a social enterprise hiring local women as health care promoters in rural villages in Africa. These women help to deliver life saving prenatal care as well as birthing kits and other medical care. Because although I am so glad that we have built our family through adoption. I hope to help see the end of the orphan crisis in Africa, and globally by helping to PREVENT the cause. And one of the MAJOR causes in Africa is parental death. So I am technically, an Adoptive Mom Against Adoption.

So my goal during this pregnancy is to raise 1,100 dollars. The money will go directly to Living Goods. By raising this much money WE will help to educate, train, and provide uniform and supplies to FIVE (one for each of my babies) rural women in Africa, who will each reach approximately 700 rural village people. I need your help. We have donated $500, $100 for each of our babies. I am hoping you will join in, people are donating a dollar for each hour they were in labor, or for each hour YOUR mom labored with you, or $10 per child, etc. Maybe you could give $5 because you can't believe I am going to have 5 under 5! Any little bit will help. This is my fundraising page, all the donations go directly to the Adventure Project and Living Goods and are tax deductible, so please join the Purvis tribe in honoring the women in our lives who have labored, by helping to employ a woman in Africa and helping moms laboring there to have safe healthy pregnancies and births and end the orphan crisis!

Donate HERE.

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