Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Advocating for Grace

Advocating for our children... it is what brings out that Mama Bear attitude, it is what keeps us up at night, it is what we are made for. Today I sent my first "email". Advocating for Demetrius.

Since starting school Demetrius has regressed significantly into behaviors he had the first week he came to us.

The other day at breakfast he asked, for the twentieth time since waking up, "Who is going to pick me up from school today?" And I again replied, "I am going to pick you up D."
And then we got to the heart of it... He said, "Do you remember when I went to school (Day Care) and my other Mom was suppose to pick me up, but she didn't, Ms. Jessica did, and she brought me to our purple house..." And he went on to describe in detail, the day he came to us.

Rip your heart out.

And he is so afraid each day when he goes to school, that he won't get to come home. His behaviors, his acting out, his fits, they are all because of this.

So I sent an email today, advocating for him. Because he has already been in trouble a lot. And he already knows he is not liked. And if things don't change, if hearts don't soften. I will pull him.

Being a mom of hurt kids is knowing that you have to step up your game.
I know that Demetrius is a nut, he is crazy.
But he is also the most gentle, loving, kind, and funny kid around. And if people aren't willing to see that some of his behaviors are a result of his story, and his way of protecting himself, then we will move on. Because as his mom, it is my job to protect him and whisper ten million times more that he is precious, and perfect, and that he is good. Because replacing shame and anger with pride and love is my job.


  1. beautiful and spot on, mama bear


  2. Good for you! Your are so right on - I love how you see your kids through the eyes of your heart!

  3. love you. love you. love you.

  4. You are an answer to many prayers. I wish things could have been so different for him, but am ever grateful that his path ultimately led to you. I will pray for peace, strength, healing, and resiliency as the journey continues.

  5. Amanda the grace that pours out of you is Christ like and a model for us all. We are called and in Christ equipped to mend the broken hearts we find ourselves associated with in this one does this better than you..."mama bear"!!
    Hang in there many are storming heaven for D and your whole tribe!

  6. Manda Bear - I pray for your wisdom, strength, patience and compassion every day. So keep up the battle for your kids', you are now Lt. Major Mom. LYI-your mama bear.

  7. I just got goosebumps, that makes my heart hurt. As if D hasn't been through enough. I am in the process of changing my baby girls mothers day out, which should be a loving place she goes once a week to be cuddled and loved on, to play with peers and learn to be away from her mama sometimes. Instead every time she fussed or cries they call me to come get her, and when drop her off there are loud sighs from her "teachers." I feel you sister an I am so so sorry!!