Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day

Well today was the day. From here until he moves away, most of Tre's days will be away from me, in school. I still can't believe it. I was up all night tossing and turning, questioning every decision I've ever made as a mom and whether or not he is ready. And the bottom line is: he is.

I finally woke up, two hours before my alarm, with a big fever blister (my stamp of nervousness since I was four years old:), made him a gourmet breakfast, prayed, and prepared myself. When I woke him up, he was ready! He wanted to put on his school uniform right away, he commented that I made him way too much food, and then he wanted me to spike his hair.

When we got to his school, we were early. I had planned on dropping him off in the car pool line like they asked, but then I saw a lot of parents walking their kids in, so I parked. He was mad that I was walking him in, he said I told him I would drop him off, but he warmed up. When we finally got to his class there were tons of parents in there, and tons of kids (he has 29 kids in his class). He walked in, hung up his backpack, and went to play blocks. He was not nervous or scared, he couldn't wait.

So I left, all the other parents were milling about, but obviously Tre did not need me in there. And I didn't cry (much). I am nervous, I posted his schedule on the fridge, and will be praying throughout the day, for people to open his smoothies and crackers at lunch, for someone to play with at recess, for confidence, and favor, and fun. For him to not get too hungry or thirsty before lunch, for him to be safe in the big bathroom, and that he'll tell me everything when I pick him up this afternoon!

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