Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Treism- imbecile

So I am sternly talking to the boys this afternoon. And I used the word imbecile. It went something like this,
"When you guys continually throw food, toys, shoes, dirty underwear, used pull ups, etc. onto the floor, you are acting like imbeciles. And you are not imbeciles, you are boys smart boys who know right from wrong..." (insert Peanuts teacher voice here, waah, wah, wah wah wah!")
Tre, "What's an imbecile?"
me, "An imbecile is someone who acts like they don't know better, they usually don't know better because they're not very smart, they act like they grew up with animals, not mom's and dads."
He paused and thought about this for a while...
Tre, "Are there a lot of imbeciles in Colorado?"
Me, "Just two that I know of..." (Just kidding, I didn't say that, but I totally thought it!)

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  1. That is hillarious. I know of a few myself:)