Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gradunation (as Tre says)

Well, it happened. Tre graduated preschool. It was pretty cute, and funny. And he was UNsentimental. The day after graduation they had field day, after graduation all his teachers and friends would say , "See you tomorrow at field day Tre!" and he would politely say, "No thank you. I graduated."
And that was fine with me.
We didn't go to field day.

Some of his friends asked him to come over and play this summer, "No thank you. I am in kindergarden now." And that was also fine with me.

Both my mom and dad walked in late to graduation, separately. They both missed the step walking into the front of the gym and fell in front everyone, both of them, separately. (I didn't get a picture.)

And off we went to kindergarden. Where they told us about the drop off line, and the damage policy that he had to sign, and the uniform policy he had to sign, and all of these grown up things. And he loved it.
And I wanted to cry.
And now it is summer (supposedly). And we are headed to the mountains, and then swim lessons start. And then we go to the farm. And then swim lessons again, and then Nana comes, and then it's his birthday (which he is requesting 100 people in attendance and a soldier theme?) And then, it's kindergarden. I am enjoying and savoring the next few months, like they are precious gold, because I will never get these moments back. Hat's off to Kindergarden!


  1. Oh my gosh he is getting so big! You look gorgeous in that first picture!!!


    That is what he requested of me for his birthday present today. We were reading Cat in the Hat of course.