Monday, May 23, 2011


This weekend was a blast! My family and friends made me feel very loved. U2 was a highlight, as well as walking in to a house full of friends and kids to surprise me! I did some alone time shopping, a walk with the family to Dazbog, dinner at a Lebanese restaurant, a once-in-a-lifetime concert, helped launch this campaign, and orchestrated the MASSIVE toy purge and organization operation in our home. It was everything I dreamed of!

If you don't know, I voluteer with a phenomenal organization called The Adventure Project. On a mission to change how we give.

We are a non-profit organization adding
venture to support the most-effective
social enterprises around the world.

We align with the best organizations
tackling global problems through
innovative business strategies. We raise awareness and funds to help them grow.

Our movement is led by a Tribe of
passionate individuals who share the
universal belief that we all deserve
dignity. And a chance at opportunity.

We launched a campaign yesterday called One to 1,000. Turning into about helping. We are hoping to get 1,000 people to devote an about me page to our GROW campaign, which is Irrigation Pumps

Ending hunger, increasing

80% of the poor in Sub-Saharan Africa
are rural farmers. And 75% of all
hungry children in Africa live in farming

But the social enterprise, Kickstart has
developed an innovative solution.
Kickstart has developed an affordable
irrigation pump, capable of increasing
a farmers income 1,000% (yes, 1,000)!

As I have mentioned before I believe that we all want to help but are often times overwhelmed with organizations, ethics, and feelings of insurmountability. But TAP has solved that. They partner with different organizations each quarter that are providing dignifying and empowering innovative ways of dissipating poverty around the globe. By giving of your time and money to the Adventure Project you can be assured that your good intentions will do good.

And with this campaign we are asking for ten minutes of your time in order for us to reach the Gates Foundation. Please help us. You can read all about it here!

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