Monday, May 2, 2011


We’re still recovering. I slept sixteen hours yesterday!

We had a wonderful adoption day... thanks to many of you.

We arrived at court and everything went really smoothly, it was a little anti-climatic. It was short, sweet, and then it was done. Forever.

A few cute Tre and D-isms from court.

We got sworn in, and so did our family and friends who were with us. This is Tre, he held up his right arm through almost the entire hearing.

At one point during the trial the judge asks us a lot of questions; can you financially provide for this child? Can you meet his medical needs? Can you meet his emotional needs?

"Yes your honor."

"Yes your honor."

And Tre is repeating each time, "Yes your honor."

Then the judge asks, "Are you on the sex offenders website?"

"Yes your honor" says Tre.

"Have you ever been convicted of child abuse or any crime against a child?"

"Yes your honor." says Tre.

The judge just looked at me, "No your honor."

Right in the middle of it Demetrius says, "Is it time for us to adopt me now?"

"Yes D, this is it." The whole court room started laughing.

I read the boys a book about court before we went. It might have been a bad idea, Tre was terrified of the judge:)

The afternoon we just spent at home resting. Then it was party time. So many of our friends and family came out to celebrate with us. It was amazing. Demetirus felt so special. The next day we relived the whole thing, a few times.

One of his favorite parts was when he gave the judge a thumbs up...

Another was opening up presents!

It was an amazing day.

Since then Demetrius has been very sensitive. I think the seriousness of adoption is hitting him, like it does a three year old boy. He is continually checking in to make sure it is real."Are we going to adopt me again?"

"Did we adopt me?"

"Are you my mom forever now?"

"Thanks for being my mom."

He is also thinking of his biological mom a lot lately. He is asked if he could send her The Incredibles. That is his favorite movie. So I think I know what we'll be sending her for Mother's Day.

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  1. Tre cracks me up!! So excited for you guys:) Amanda you look amazing, your hair looks fantastic:) Congratulations!!!