Wednesday, April 13, 2011

D's 3

Yesterday was Demetrius' birthday.We did it low key, just my parents and the Petersen's.
We had shrimp tacos (he asked for Taco Bell, but for everyone else, I made tacos:)
And he asked for lion cupcakes.

Please withhold judgement, it's the best I could do right now;) My mom's comment, "Oh Amanda, these look like I did them!" (I don't think that was a compliment.)

His cousins, whom he's never met, sent him presents!

And I think he had a great day.
Today at breakfast he wanted to recount everything that had happened, he said, "Who came over yesterday?"
"What did we eat?"
"How old am I?"
I had to tell the whole story again... and he smiled.


  1. aww! and I think the cupcakes are cute I would totally replicate!