Monday, March 28, 2011

Back Seat(S)

So the aquarium wasn't such a good idea (I know... shocking!). I forgot it's spring break... there were so many people there, and I have way too many kids to ever do that again without David (and my parents, and a babysitter). And I didn't even really get to chat with my friend Brooke because we were to busy trying to keep track of all the kids (mostly my kids, her kids were always quiet, and reading the signs and staying right next to us?!).
You know, my mom bought me a double stroller, but I left it on the driveway and it rained! (I forgot it does that in Colorado!) So, I only had one seat stroller, which in actuality there were so many people there I think I would have wanted to die if I had had the double stroller! It all worked out, and Brooke and Lulu really bonded since she didn't want to be in the stroller anyways, she wanted to be held the whole time. (Thank God Brooke was there!)

Brooke and her husband are about to begin the homestudy process to become foster to adopt parents with the same county as us! We are so glad! (Although we're hoping we haven't scared them off to badly!) They already have two amazing kids and we can't wait to watch their family grow!

Rick and Brooke emailed us the other day after this post. They said they'd been praying and really felt that they were suppose to give us their van!
I didn't email her back for a day or two, I was in shock, and completely blown away...
After a few days of digesting their offer...
we accepted!

I am now a minivan mama... something I swore I would never be. (Sort of like how when I was growing up I told my parents I was never having kids...)
And I am sad to say, I am loving it. If I didn't have three kids in diapers, three kids who need help buckling, and four kids four and under... I would not drive a mini van. But now I do, and I love it! And I love Rick and Brooke for completely changing our lives, and sacrificially giving to our family, to help us, and to make my life manageable again!

We didn't tell the boys about the van until Rick and Brooke had left the night they gave it to us.. (I kept thinking that they would surely change their minds and I didn't want to have to tell the boys that either!) But once the title was signed we ran out the door and showed the boys.

I kinda felt like I was on Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Tre and D were screaming like little girls, and jumping up and down. (At one point D even fell to his knees screaming!) Tre was screaming, "I've always wanted a mini van!" over and over and over again! And then he started dancing and saying, "Mini vans are the coolest! Mini vans are the coolest!" I wasn't convinced of this until that moment! But seeing how happy they were was so much fun for me, and now I want to dance around and scream that Minivans are the coolest too!

I wrote this post about my back seat a few short months ago... and oh how thing's have changed. And now, this is my back seatS view!

Thanks Rick and Brooke, minivans are the coolest, almost as cool as you guys!

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