Sunday, March 27, 2011


David has been gone for three days... six more to go, and the exhaustion is beginning to kick in.
So far things have gone fairly smoothly, accept for a little pooping incident (or five) yesterday between Super D and I:)

I have undertaken a few special "projects" while David is gone, but they are surprises, which I can reveal here, after he has been informed!

Mostly I am just missing adult interaction, I called David several times today, I had nothing to say, I just wanted to listen to someone who wasn't discussing forts, dinosaurs, poop, or guns.

Tomorrow we are headed to the aquarium, two adults and seven children, that's probably not a good idea, but again, there will be another adult there, and that sounds great!

I did get a large ego boost on Friday when I successfully took all four of the kids to Costco by myself! But there are several things I have yet to figure out...

1. How do you exercise with four children?
It would cost me $15 per time to go to our rec center! (That's $4 for my punch card entrance and $2.50 per child/hr.) for only 1 hour of exercise, if I wanted to do anything besides run I would be paying $20 each day! I am quickly gaining weight (which might have to do with all the Dr. Pepper i am consuming to stay awake:) but I can't figure out how to exercise! I am trying to imagine myself running on the path... I get a double stroller, and then have Tre ride his bike, and D run along side of me? Oh wait, D doesn't run that fast and Tre can't ride a bike, so I would need a quadruple stroller! And then it'd be so heavy I couldn't run! What do I do? Resign to being fat for a few years?

2. How do I get them all ready, and out the door, and leave the house somewhat orderly by 8 am twice a week?
Nugget and Lulu have visits twice a week and we have to leave our house at 8 am. This is a disaster, and my house is even worse for the wear than we are!

3. Can I make myself less of a spectacle?
Everywhere I go I feel LOT"S of people just staring at me... I think I am going to make a shirt that says... "This is my in home daycare"!


  1. Some ideas . . .
    1. I've got a great Pilates video! Eva loves doing it along with me.
    2. I can't get out of the house before 8 unless I pack the car and set out all the outfits the night before. And I only have two!!! Mornings are the worst . . . I can't imagine trying to wrangle 4!
    3. Or a shirt that says "Haven't showered in 2 days, running on 4 hrs. of sleep, eating nothing but PB&J's, and I still look this good!"

    You're amazing girl. Call whenever you need to talk to a grown-up!

  2. Yes, you are definitely amazing!