Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Laughable... wing and a prayer

My life is laughable, ridiculously hilarious... and I do realize it.

- I drive a small five passenger Jeep, with four children, myself, and a husband... do the math!

- All four of my children are still vomiting, that's three weeks people!

- Three of the four still have diarrhea!

- The other one is so constipated he keeps having to go to the ER!

- Tre is sleeping on the floor in our room, cause the whole top bunk thing isn't mixing well with his sickness... and apparently he screams CRAZY stuff in the middle of the night when he has a fever. I am continually scared shi?&*^^!

- I have not showered in four days, and this is a repeated pattern.

- I am eating an uncrustable sandwich right now, and I have a Gogurt next!

- I am only sleeping a few hours each night, 3-4

- My husband is leaving in a week, for ten days!

- I forgot Lulu's diapers today, and she blew diarrhea all over myself, herself, and the WIC lady's office... twice!

- Then she threw up all over my car.

-This will be the third time in two weeks that I have had to completely tear apart four car seats, wash each part, and put them back together.

- The doctor just sent me home with three "fecal sampling" kits to do.

- We are no longer using sheets on a few of the beds, it is easier to just wipe off the plastic:)

- My hands permanently smell like nasty, and I wash them hundreds of times a day, but they still smell, why does poop smell stick like garlic?

- I am speaking at a panel this week on how great being a foster parent is:)

And what's funny is, I really think it is great! I told my friend today, "I have to tell you about my morning: but I am not complaining..."
I realize this is crazy and that in a few years I will look back on this time and not be able to fathom how I did it. And laugh at my stupidity! But for now, I am loving every second of the chaos. I feel as if we literally are living on a wing and a prayer. So please keep praying!

And I can't wait till at least three of my four children can make it to the toilet for any sort of bodily evacuation.

And if you know of anyone who wants to give us a bigger car, or any sort of car contests, let me know! I think I am going to write Ellen a letter... you know, in my spare time:)


  1. ummmm forget about the text I sent you earlier. Love you.

  2. Praying and wishing I was close to help you while David is gone! I love you....Syd