Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Since so many of you were so invested into the twins and their story I thought I'd give you a little update!

As many of you know, the twins were our first foster care placement. And they will forever have a piece of our hearts. We were devastated in October when the court returned them to their home before any stability had been obtained. We couldn't imagine. It felt like a horror movie. I remember driving them to meet the social worker, Laurie and I cried the whole way home, it was awful. And I was so sad, broken, angry, and questioning how God could ever bring His glory. I was worried for them. I would wake up in the middle of the night and pray, I would pray every time I thought of them, and that was almost constantly at first.

I know many of you were the same. Those two little boys were covered in prayer and they NEEDED it.

Then January 6th the phone rang... I couldn't believe it... they were back. Through a long series of events and details that I can't share, they ended up with us for one more week while they looked for a foster to adopt family that had Native American ancestry, unlike us.

The next week was the craziest week of my life, and many of you helped us out... without some of you I don't know what I would have done. I literally could not leave them alone for a second, and it was nearly impossible to adequately care for all four boys alone. Thus operation friends took place, Laurie, Jackie and Brandon, Sara, and more! I was only alone with all of them for one short time period!

And we prayed, all of us. We prayed that they wouldn't get sent back to their home, and that God would provide an amazing home... oh ye of little faith!

When they told me they had found a home I began getting really worried, these little guys needed more than just ANY home, they needed a home with patient, God loving, graceful, patient, calm, patient, fearless, patient, believing, patient, firm, loving, caring, (did I say patient?) parents...
When I finally spoke with their new Mama on the phone she said they had Bible Study that night, and I just started bawling, I am sure she thought I was such a wreck, and I am!
I was so grateful.

But the fear didn't stop there. As Laurie and I drove them to their new home we were both silently nervous, what would it be like, what if it wasn't good, I couldn't just leave them there...

We were expecting it to be a tearful, scary and sad goodbye.
As we walked in the boys were excited, as if their spirits knew, this was it. They walked in and immediately began exploring... If you knew these little boys, you would know that that was a miracle in itself!
Over the next twenty minutes we began to get to know an amazing family, and all of the details began falling into place. God had DIVINELY orchestrated it to work EXACTLY as it was supposed to. If the twins had stayed with us for TWO more days the first time we got them, we would not have gotten D, if they had come TWO days earlier the second time, this family would not have been open. And the details that are personal to their family... they are the PERFECT family for these boys.

After about a half hour Laurie and I snuck out, the boys were playing upstairs with their new older sisters, and mom and dad went to join them.

Again Laurie and I had said goodbye to these two little boys, and again we were driving away in tears. But this time we were driving away crying tears of joy, just amazed at how BIG our God is, about how He had worked out a situation that we thought He could never fix. Everytime I think of all the little details I am so humbled, I am reminded of how small my faith is, I thought it was hopeless, and yet God has done a miracle. I repented for my doubt. And am still thanking Him daily, over a month later.

I occasionally get to speak with the twins foster mom. She (and her husband and girls) are wonderful! Pray for her when you think of them, pray for her patience, and for her family, pray for renewed strength and love for the boys. She is doing an AMAZING AMAZING job. She is living the life of sacrifice, being Jesus, with all the scars and humility, and selflessness that it takes. She is changing the lives of these two little boys for eternity! And I am so grateful to my God for her.

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  1. what an amazing, gifted and incredibly annointed mama you are. i am so proud of you and the sacrificial love you are pouring out daily. you are my hero and i love you madly!