Thursday, February 10, 2011

Marriage Meeting=Four D's

A few weeks ago David and I had an all day marriage meeting, sort of a budget committee meeting meets state of the union, meets date night. (In case you're wondering, it was fun! Not awful.)

Among many other things we discussed during this meeting, we discussed our foster to adopt situation, and decided that we would continue fostering and would continue to wait for our baby girl through the foster care system... we talked about our age range, etc. We got on the same page. (Girl or boy, infant.)

What is funny is that we hadn't had any calls in a few months about placements at that point. On our way home that evening we got a call, then another and another. Last night was our fourth call in a few weeks, none of them meeting our agreed upon age rage, gender, or race requirements.

But last night, we couldn't resist, a short term placement for a three year old little boy. It would be like an extended play date around here, and I wouldn't even have to find more clothes, they would all wear the same size!

So we met him at Noodles, shared some Mac n Cheese and chocolate milk, and headed home. He is funny, and talks a lot. As we pulled up into our driveway (which we live in a very small, very old, purple house, so it is not an impressive thing to pull up into our driveway)He said "OOOOOh! I love our house!"

He slept all night, and is super fun! And now I live in a house with four D's, David and David, D, and Dom. I like it.

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  1. So all D's out of your Budget Summit, seems like a couple more A's would balance that out a bit...
    He looks and sounds like your kind of guy- even the sleeping thru the night, woohooo. thanks for your tenacious update on life at the PPalace. Love you all - Oma