Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Salon Takeover

I mentioned earlier that we have recently tried a new product for D's hair. Well, that came about after a visit to a local salon who specializes in curly hair. While we were there, I realized I have been watching a little bit too much Tabatha's Salon Takeover...

When we walked in Tre immediately went to the product shelves and checked them for dust, which luckily, there wasn't any... But later on in our appointment a stylist came in and took a seat in her chair and began texting on her phone.

Tre walked right up to her and said, "you should not be sitting here playing on your phone, I think you should be sweeping." And walked away.

She was shocked, she just got schooled by a four year old.
I think Tabatha would be proud.


  1. I see Tre has his great-grandpa's work ethic, he would be so proud - i am!! Oma