Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The hair

So it is no secret, D has some hair!
And I have struggled knowing what to do with it since day one.
One thing I have found out since I began this journey, there is no "right way", everyone I talk to gives me completely different advice.

So for those of you who have new little ones, with curly hair, take your time, and try LOTS of different products (and lot's of money:) until you find the right routine for your little one.

I think we've found our little piece of heaven for D's hair. It's these products.

And you can read all about them here (the video is a great way to get an overview). And they train stylists, so you can find a salon in your area that sells the products and cuts your hair, you can find them on their website. But they have COMPLETELY changed D's hair in one day, it is no longer dry, his curls are staying tight, and the frizz is gone! I am SO happy.


  1. Did you go to a salon or just try them yourself first?

  2. good to know. lol We may need this in the future too:)

  3. I am ALWAYS up for hair advice!
    Thank you :0)

  4. This is so true! I have asked many people, purchased many products!