Friday, February 11, 2011

All Four Love {Love Unexpected}

This is my second week of participating in All Four Love.
This week's theme was Love Unexpected.And these pictures will forever be cherished by our family. An unexpected act of love that cemented our family this week.If you don't know our story, let me give you a little background...
Our biological son Tre was born with birth defects, which include missing and conjoined fingers. He does not have index fingers on either of his hands now, and the only finger he has that he can completely straighten is his pinkie. Therefore, he points with his pinkie. It is something that we have grown to love, it is unexpected. Unfortunately, we also expect that at some point in his life, this will change as a result of peer scrutiny.

Another thing you should know, we are currently fostering for a local county. And hoping to grow our family through adoption. D, as we call him is a little boy that we cannot imagine our lives without, a little boy that we are praying we will get to adopt soon! (Because he is in the custody of the state and not legally our child I am not allowed to give details about his case, or show full pictures of him.) D has been apart of our family for almost four months.

Tuesday night during dinner D pointed to something, and he pointed with his index finger and then also stuck out his pinkie finger. He was still pointing, but inspecting his hand, as he was looking at it he pulled his index finger in. He was just pointing with his pinkie.

Just like his big brother.
Unexpected love.

I wanted to cry when I saw this. They truly are brothers, no matter how much longer we have to wait.

(There is also some more unexpected love around here, as we now have a newborn baby boy and a three year old boy who have joined us! But I do not have time to take pictures of them now, as I did this post a few days ago!)


  1. I always love your posts and your heart for children!! This is the sweetest story and they ARE now brothers! I will continue to pray with you as your family grows.

  2. Oh, wow. That is so so sweet. What an amazing story.

  3. That is the most precious thing! God bless you for doing what you've done to help the helpless.