Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Memory Stone

So I have been a little busy. The twins went to their new amazing foster to adopt home last week. I find myself praying for their new family lot's. And am constantly amazed at God's unbelievable omnipotence and grace. Their story is one that I want to build a monument by.

You know the Old Testament kind. One that whenever I need a reminder of how amazing God is, how He really does have our best interest at heart, despite the messed up circumstances that this world hands us. I need to remember them, and how God has so grandly orchestrated their path thus far.

Joel Osteen said it this way,
"It’s interesting that in the Old Testament, God commanded them to have certain feasts and celebrations. One of the main reasons they celebrated was to remember what God had done for them. Several times a year, they’d all stop what they were doing. Everybody would take off and celebrate how God brought them out of slavery, or how God defeated this enemy, or how He protected them over there. They were commanded, they were required to remember."

So this is our memory stone. We want to require ourselves to remember how God has protected and provided for these boys.

And we want to remember many of you, your fervent prayers for them, for their unknown and scary future, for God to intervene.
Guess what? He listened.
Remember, He listened, and He did something amazing. Thank you for your prayers, your sacrifices, your love, remember, you made a difference.

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