Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Treism: FIsh Slapper

If you have small children, who watch Veggie Tales, this will be funny to you. If not, I will try and explain.

So there is a "Jonah" Veggie Tales movie. Which tells the story of Jonah, in the whale, Ninevah, etc. in Veggie Tales type of cunning humor. So the "sin" that was occurring in Ninevah that Jonah was going to tell them to quit was "fish slapping" they would all go around and slap each other with fishes to be mean.

Yesterday Tre got himself dressed, which is always a funny thing in and of itself. But this time he put his camo belt on top of his sweatshirt and shorts and stuck a fish stuffed animal in it, like a gun holster, but it was for a fish, you with me?

And off we go. We are running errands around town, and as we are are walking into the Tailor's Tre quickly takes his fish out of it's holster and throws it back into the car.
I said, "Why are you leaving your fish?"

And he replied, "Because I might accidentally slap some people in here with that fish."

Then he paused a minute and followed that with, " I do not want to make the enemy, you know the devil, I don't want to make him happy. I want to make him mad."

Wow, that is pretty deep and I could go so many places with that.
But I think I'll leave it at that.
We here in the Purvis tribe are trying to make the enemy mad.

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