Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My will.

Dear world in case I don't make it back from my exciting trip this weekend, I wanted to put this out there...
(I am not worried, and this is not a dangerous adventure, but I am leaving my boys, so it made me think.)

If I die please...
1. Cremate me. I am claustrophobic.
2. Make David go to a beautiful beach, with Tre, and as many friends and family as can come, and scatter my ashes.
3. Help David find a wife, a really really good one. (But not as good as me:) Make sure she will let him follow his dreams, and that she loves Tre no matter how hyper and silly he is.
4. Please help David clean the house, cook, and do laundry for at least three months, he will take a while to learn these things, trust me.
5. Please tell Tre, every day, how special he is, and what a destiny he has, and how much I loved and adored, and believed in him.
6. Don't let David move away from Castle Rock unless there are many many signs that this is good, and it has to be at least three years from now, he needs to stay put for Tre's stability, if nothing else.
7. Please help David update his wardrobe, at least once a year, and show him what outfits work, and which ones do not.

Thank you.

I will be back on Sunday with lot's of great new inspiration, and this will not be necessary!


  1. loved this...made me make a list of my own ~ you are remarkable Amanda....

  2. Sitting here with tear filled eyes...you are one incredible lady Amanda!