Wednesday, September 22, 2010


In one week I leave for the Together for Adoption Conference. I am really starting to get excited.

I think the timing of this conference is providential. Yesterday we passed our home inspection and our home became certified for our foster to adopt adventures, now we are just waiting on our family to pass! And that meeting is two days after I return from the conference, and then we can accept placement!

I am going to the pre-conference day with Karyn Purvis, who wrote this book. Which changed the way I parent, and really challenged me. I can't wait to hear from her.

Plus here are some of the amazing sessions I have signed up for:
- Church Centered International Orphan Care
- I am doing a lunch break out session about Human Trafficking and the Orphan with Tom Davis
- Becoming an Adoption Friendly Church: 20 ways to look after orphans
- HIV/AIDS and the global orphan emergency
- Digging Deeper into the theology of adoption

Plus I am staying with some pretty cool ladies (Jody, Amy, and a mystery room mate who I can't wait to meet.)

And I am hoping to hear some pretty cool music, because we'll be in the Live Music Capital of the WOLRD!
Maybe here, at Shady Grove for unplugged night on Thursday
And the Mean Eyed Cat Bar, a Johnny Cash fan like myself, for live music on Friday night!
And maybe some others!

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  1. So nice to 'meet' you!! I have a feeling we'll know eachother very well soon :)