Monday, April 5, 2010

Parenting is Hard

Today has been a hard day for Tre, and for me. It was his first day back to school. When I arrive to pick him up the teacher's informed me that he had pretended to choke a child on the playground, he had also repeatedly stood at the top of the slide and jumped off, so he had to sit in timeout.

After we walked home I asked him about school, and he confessed. The choking details were not mentioned until I directly asked him. (This was my first clue that he had entered a new stage, the LYING/DECEITFUL stage! It's only day one and I am already freaking out!) As a result of his poor behaviors at school he was not allowed to go to the park after school, and he was also not allowed to have a cupcake after lunch.

Our day progressed pretty normally at this point, he played out side, digging and riding his tractors, while I studied and watched him. He then watched a movie before lunch. After lunch I told him he could have the ears off of his chocolate bunny that he got for easter. I thought I was being rather generous, as he had choked a classmate at school today. He proceeded to cry because he wanted the entire chocolate bunny. (This is a foot high chocolate bunny with sprinkles, the kind that grandparents give children, not parents.) So after he calmed down he ate his bunny ears. I then asked him to go pick out his stories for nap time. After a little too long of an absence I went to find him.

My first clue that something was wrong, the basement door was closed.

My second clue, it was silent.

My third clue, he was hiding when I got downstairs.

Now, I still had no idea that something was wrong, as this is a first for us (the deception and lying that is coming is a first, not him getting in trouble). So I proceeded to tickle him and talk to him as he was under the blanket. After much persuading, he finally popped his head out and I saw his face, covered in chocolate. That is when I noticed the bunny's feet sitting on the coffee table.

Tre had gotten up on the counter, retrieved the bunny while I was not around, snuck downstairs, making sure to close the door behind him, and then hid under a blanket and proceeded to eat the entire bunny (minus the feet). At this point, I became angry. I picked him up, and we proceeded to the kitchen, where I threw away ALL of his easter candy, and cup cakes. Then we went to his room to have a "talk", after the "talk" we always pray. Tre asks God to forgive him, etc. He usually prefers that he repeat after us during the prayer. So as I am praying and he is repeating after me I get to the part, "Papa God, please help Tre to obey his mom and Dad." and he begins repeating after me, "Papa God please help me to obey Auntie Sydney and Uncle Josh." At this point I open my eyes. His are still closed. "Excuse me?" I whisper in that mom whisper that often brings children to tears. He responds, louder this time, "Papa God please help me to obey Oma and Opa and Ma and Pa and Auntie Sydney and Uncle Josh."

Needless to say, I put him down for a nap and called his father.
I thought this was suppose to be fun until he 's a teenager?


  1. Well, it is good to hear that he is going to obey Oma & Opa... Tre is so, so smart and a great critical thinker, like his mom that i know, and probably like his dad!! The good news if you start the battle for his character now, you should be done by the time he is 16, and you will have an amazing young man. Just think, with the negoitiating skills and critical thinking he has now, what he will someday accomplish. Throwing away all his candy and cupcakes was genius, i must say.
    much love, Oma

  2. Wow, isn't parenting fun! I admire your ability to think while emotions are tested and your attitude is close to wits end. He is a wonderful littel man and will challenge you again, but your love and patience will win in the end. God has uniquiely designed you to handle Tre's current chapter and you will win the battle. We love you and admire your perserverance. Keep him in your sights - he needs you as much now as ever! "Opa"

  3. Hey Sis. Good to know he will obey us too...that was random. Well, just know that you have us praying for you here in FL. You and David are the best thing for Tre. You are great parents and these times are going to be hard. Know that I love you, you have a smart handsome loving son, and you are doing a great job. Nice with the throwing away of his treats, by the way. Syd