Tuesday, April 6, 2010

15 years

So, you know that son I was talking about yesterday who was struggling to obey and be truthful. This is how I found him today.

I asked him what he was doing (as I woke up to the sound of the toilet seat crashing into the toilet bowl several times in a row). He responded, "I am just obeying. I am not touching the potty and I am not getting germs, see?"

Not sure what to do after that. He had gotten oven mitts and spatulas and created a system to open the toilet with out touching it. I had to give him some credit. (But I did remind him that kitchen tools stay in the kitchen, and shouldn't be used on the toilet form here on out.)

In other late breaking Tre news, I was reading the comments on the below mentioned post when he walked in. he saw the big chocolate bunny on the screen and immediately became interested. He asked, "whatcha reading Mema?" I told him it was the story about how he had been deceitful. He said, "Can I hear it?" So I began reading it to him. When I got to this line,
"After much persuading, he finally popped his head out and I saw his face, covered in chocolate."

He just started howling. I mean like, laugh so hard your stomach hurts, laughing.

I think I have a long 15 years ahead of me. Good thing I have a great husband and a greater God!

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  1. you are the best... thanks for this peek into the joys of boys... I miss my girl being little- this is awesome- You do have a great husband and a huge God... and you possess the wisdom to lean on that which is true stregnth... hug Tre for me today and we will connect again soon. Rememebr Soph is available now- she loved it!