Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break '10

(This is Big Max- our 100 lb. pumpkin seeds)
Tre had a two week long spring break, that's a lot of spring break if you ask this mom! Needless to say, we have kept busy. The weather on week one, was well, snowy, and then hot, and then snowy, and then hot, which all equated to a very muddy back yard, this week has been much more reasonable! Here are some things we have been doing to keep busy:

We started our vegetable/fruit/flower garden. This has been so fun, for Tre and I! I am really bad at gardening, so it is a miracle thus far that the seeds have even germinated. Tre is absolutely fascinated with Big Max (pictured at the top). These are the 100 lb. pumpkin producing seeds! He is already so excited about what he will do with these pumpkins, he also asked this morning if we could grow Max some daughters, so I think we will need to find a mini pumpkin seed as well. (Keep this in mind in October when I will have hundreds of pumpkins, please stop by and get some:)

We also have ants. Only near Scout's food dish. This is where I found Tre this morning, he said he was trying to "estergmate" (exterminate is what he was going for) all of the ants. He shot the ants for about an hour, over and over, and over again. (This required much patience, as he only has one dart, and he can't pull the trigger (which he calls "sugar") himself. In fact my hand is still cramping a bit from pulling the trigger so much.)

There has also been lot's of digging in the back yard, trips to the zoo, sledding, and construction projects. On Monday I couldn't figure out why Scout kept jumping the fence and laying on the front porch. When I finally let him inside I noticed that eh was soaking wet, and would run away any time Tre came into the room. Apparently Tre had been chasing him around the backyard with squirt guns and buckets of water. Our attack dog is now afraid of our three year old.

Here's to spring break, and only a few more weeks till summer fun!

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