Monday, March 15, 2010

Pad Thai, attempt 1

I'm going to try and make pad thai tonight. Should be interesting. Three stores later, and a little more humble, I am starting. I finally ended up at H Mart, a "local" (as in thirty minutes away) Asian WalMart type store. After asking the all hispanic speaking staff for the fifth time where the ground oriental turnips were they lead me to a bag of dried turnips, and the chinese man standing next to me just couldn't stop laughing, he finally pulled himself to gather and said, "What you think you're going to make with that." I replied, "I don't think I will make anything with these". And I placed the bag back on the shelf. I am now going to make Tamarind pulp. Should be a fun evening!

Hopefully it turns out wonderful (minus the ground dried oriental turnip that I am suppose to be including), because this is one of David's favorite, and I am going to have about a gallon of Tamarind Pulp after I smash this tamarind, and I only need 3/4 tablespoon. I will be making lot's of pad thai in the future!

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  1. hey you... how did it turn out?

    I make a mean pad thai... glad to share..never been to an asian market to make it... just sayin.