Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crazy Life

Just thought I should update. Life is crazy, but spring break starts tomorrow. (which all that means for me is that I won't have live discussions online, but I will still have massive amounts of papers to work on!)

Needless to say, I have some exciting things coming up that I will write about soon! The Pad Thai was delicious, the noodles were almost not cooked enough, but at the last second they softened up! It will definitely be a repeat dish at our house, considering the amount of tamarind pulp I have in the fridge now!

This afternoon David is flying me to see a client that thinks she has escaped my eye! She moved to Kit Carson which is almost in Kansas, I was planning on driving out there tomorrow to go see her but we are expecting another snow storm. It pays to have a pilot husband with access to nice planes! So, the three of us are jet setting to Kit Carson, Colorado's trailer park this afternoon. David and Tre will entertain themselves at the airport while I surprise my client! Being a social worker is like being a detective, a therapist, a police officer, a lawyer, and a baby sitter all at once. It's so fun!

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