Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today we learned a lot. Most importantly I learned how essential a Nalgene is when potty training! Yes, that's right... we did our first outing today, undies and all... And Tre peed in the Nalgene twice during our thirty minute Wal-Mart jaunt! Definitely suggest that as a permanent diaper bag fixture while potty training (plus they're supposedly not safe to drink from any more, so this is really a green thing to do, since you can't recycle them either, it's called reuse!)  But we also did a little baking. You might not know but Tre turns two tomorrow! So this evening we baked a tractor cake! 
I really wanted to do a fondant beauty, but I realized there is nothing boyish I could do... therefore I did what any mom of a two year old boy would do, I 
made a John Deere tractor cake! I knew I couldn't go wrong. And I was so right! When Tre saw it he went wild! He was so excited! That made it all worth it! Tomorrow my baby will officially be a toddler, that makes me cry! 

my naked chef.

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