Thursday, July 17, 2008

Saying Hello

I haven't forgotten to post about Thailand, I am just still digesting. I got to meet my daughter, and it was definitely life changing. But I really can't seem to put it into words. I cried when I saw her, but quickly realized I was just a stranger to her. But over the next seven days while I was there we became very close. And I still can't write about leaving. But while I was there it was wonderful. It was fun to watch her become more comfortable with me, to watch her blossom. She is a true leader and very intelligent, she loves to have fun, and is a true worshipper. I love her. I got to take her out for a whole day, off the campus, just a girls day... it was amazing. We went to Lotus, which is like our WalMart and went shopping, she got new clothes, shoes, art supplies, stuffed animals, whatever she wanted! Then we went to the hot springs where we played in the river, played in the hot springs, boiled eggs in the hot springs (quail eggs that is!) and ate them with soy sauce, made a trip to KFC, then we went and got our hair and nails done, and topped it off with a big ice cream sundae! It was a dream come true day. 

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