Friday, June 6, 2008


I leave for Thailand in 16 days! I am really excited. I cannot wait to see the orphanage, meet Mai for the first time, and be "by myself" for a little bit (Although I will be with 24 other people, I won't have a two year old or a husband for 10 days)! So here are some things you should know about the trip:
- I am going with 21 teenage girls (WOW! This is going to be fun!) and one teenage boy and four other adults!
- For our free day we will ride elephants and go rafting. Plus shopping the night markets in Chiang Mai! 
- Thailand is 13 hours ahead of colorado time
- we leave on sunday the 22nd, and don't get there until Tuesday late afternoon! Denver - LA-Hong Kong-Bangkok-Chiang Mai
- Mai is around eight years old, she has two younger brothers. And I get to go out with her one day all by myself! Just me and her and a translator. I am going to take her shopping and let her get some new clothes, shoes, etc. She has never been shopping for herself before! I can't wait to just bless her, and love on her, and give her hugs!
Pray for me and the team. Pray for safe travel, unity, health, and most importantly that God would use us and mold us while in Thailand! 

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