Monday, June 9, 2008


Today Tre diarrhea-ed in the pool!

Question- Was it a public pool?
Answer- yes.

Next Question- Did they have to empty the pool?
Answer- It was in the baby pool, and he was eating chips and I kept seeing floaties and I thought he was spitting out the chips. Later I put two and two together!

Next Question- So you didn't tell them?
Answer- no. I picked him up, it squirted all over me, and we left.

Next Question- Is he sick?
Answer- I don't think so. But he did eat two packs of raisins this morning.

Maybe in the future I will limit his raisin consumption... at least on the days we go to the pool! 

Fun times! 

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  1. Jayme's swim diaper left a few undigested peas behind in the pool at our local water park when she was little. I was so grossed out, and a little freaked out. I think all mom's have similar stories to tell. Keeps our kids humble when they are in high school. (grin)