Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer Days

Yesterday was a fun summer day... It was beautiful, warm, and we had a big rain/hail torm in that afternoon, and then we stayed up all night with good friends! David's car has been broken for a while now, it's been running on prayers for about a month. Our prayers were no longer being answered after Monday, and it had been sitting in the Quizno's parking lot for two days! So we called in reinforcements... our good friends the Dunn's. Unfortunately after a few hours of tinkering with it, they couldn't get the old starter out and we had to hot wire it and drive in a big line with flashers (since not only is David's starter shot, but he also has two burnt out headlights, no windshield wipers, barely any brakes, and several other vitals are missing!) to the shop, where we left it late last night praying for mercy! Then we went out to dinner at 10 pm to celebrate! Here are a few pics of our night:

This is the boyz working away. They both have chronic back, I mean crack, problems. 
These are our beautiful children having way too much fun for being stuck in our jeep at Quizno's for two plus hours! 
And this is the four of us in the car, near the end, starting to get bored!
It was fun to get caught up with Britt, we hadn't hung out in far to long. Thank you guys for your help last night, we appreciate it and love you guys! (I have a strong feeling that Brittlee and Andy will be getting their referral for their baby girl while Britt and I are in Thailand, won't that be fun to run around the city looking for internet. Don't worry, I will film the whole thing for ya!)

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