Monday, April 14, 2008

Hard Day, Hard Head

Tre has had a hard day so far. He has really gotten into climbing lately. And I am taking the approach that if it isn't high enough to kill him I will let him try it. So this morning he was climbing up the magazine rack onto the couch arm rest. But then he would stand on the armrest and leap onto the couch. Well he fell backwards from standing on the armrest and hit his head so hard on the floor I thought he fell through. Then he cried so hard he threw up, all over me! Then I was writing the post about the meatballs and he climbed onto the sewing machine cover and then onto the new keyboard box, then onto the camera box and tried to get on top of the desk. I told him to get down. He said no. Then as he was standing htere reaching for the computer mouse it all collapsed and he fell in between the book case and desk and smacked his head on both. One bloody lip and many tears later he is fine. I think I will curtail the climbing for the rest of the day!

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