Monday, April 14, 2008

Blessings fall like rain

If I had a lot of extra money floating around (or any extra money at all even floating around) here are some things I would like to get or do for people. 
I would get Trista a massage 
I would get Judy a massage
I would get Jody a massage
(When your world is out of control and really stressful a massage always helps a little.)
I would get my husband these really cool shoes (they're actually not shoes, they're sandals) he loves.
I would get the Dunn's the rest of the money they need for their adoption.
I would get Tre this awesome sand box.
I would get Jamie G. a new salsa outfit for her big TV debut next friday.
And I would get myself all the new Arbonne spa line, seen here.

This is fun, try it!


  1. well they say it's the thought that counts...and I think that's true. So thank you!
    i feel better already.

  2. I would pick a different awesome sand box, out of our 9,000 items (give or take a few) from pottery barn kids, the sand box did not hold up to well.