Monday, April 14, 2008


We had a little spaghetti and meatball incident lately. I took a phone call during dinner (mistake one) and assumed David would watch Tre (mistake 2). Well, a few minutes later I heard David screaming, "Oh no, TRE!" So I politely ended my phone conversation to go check out the damage. As I walked up the stairs David said to me, "I only turned away for a minute.." (mistake 3). I huess David got involved in whatever was on television and Tre dumped my milk everywhere. So as David was walking hte five feet from the couch to the kitchen Tre then found my spaghetti and meatballs that was still on my plate and assumed that teh spaghetti was for eating and that the BALL was for throwing. When David turned around from getting a towel and carpet cleaner for the milk a meatball came whizzing by his face. And as he looked he saw that the meatball had been thrown all over the living room and our living room was covered in red sauce! Ah, fun times! There are only a few scars remaining.

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  1. But you wouldn't trade that memory for the world! These are the moments that you'd do anything to go back to, when your child grabs their set of car keys off the counter, kisses you on the cheek and says, "Love ya, mom...see you after practice!" Our kids have grown up way too fast! Now it's just the dog that's leaving messes on the carpet for our attention! (You'll have to read Mike's blog) -Renae