Monday, March 17, 2008

The Common Fear

I have come to a conclusion about me and all my friends (not ALL, but most) we have a common fear. Getting pregnant! Any time anything is remotely wrong with my body I immediately conclude that I am pregnant. I have a headache... I am pregnant, I have a stomache ache... I must be pregnant, I am tired... I've gotta be pregnant. And it seams to be the same with most of my friends. We are always afraid we are pregnant. Atleast a few days a month. (Despite our 99.9% protection)
These fears for me have even materialized into dreams. I have dreams that my friends who are adopting get pregnant and have to put the adoption on hold, I have dreams that I am pregnant and I don't tell David until I am like 8 months pregnant. 

Do you have this fear? Not that getting pregnant is at all bad, but it is definitely something that you want to be prepared for, and for me and my type A personality it should definitely be planned! 

Oh well, I am feeling a little tired, I better go take the test! 


  1. there IS way to fix this ya know....

  2. It is not my decision though!