Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Guess what I woke up to this morning, a room full of throw up. I don't know how this happened with out me knowing it. I think that my son is just so nonchalant about these things that he just kept throwing up, throwing out the stuff that he had thrown up on, and then going back to sleep! So there were animals thrown all over his room that were covered in throw up, there were blankets draping over chairs and ottomans and lamps, covered in throw up, and then of course he was covered in throw up.  Here;s what I think happened. Last night we went to Maggiano's for dinner and he scarfed the lasagna, like a TON of it. And then on the way home we stopped to get him some goat's milk, but the store that stocks it for me was out, so I bought some soy milk, which I usually mix with mostly rice milk and he's fine. I thought I had rice milk, I didn't. So I gave him a bottle of soy and sent him to bed.  Apparently the soy didn't sit to well in his little tummy. 
He seems totally fine this morning so far, he's eaten and is right now dancing to Rita Springer, so I think he is fine. I on the other hand am not. I know I will need to get used to the throw up thing, now that I am a mom and all, I think it will be the hardest hurdle for me! The problem is I really gag  A LOT! Now of course David would usually step in and take care of it for me because of this problem I have, but this morning he had jury duty! So I was on my own this morning. And I figured out how I can deal with throw up... here is a self portrait as I write this:  Here's my tip to all you mommas out there who can't deal with throw up, like me. Take a hair scarf, or any scarf would do. Spray it with lot's of perfume and or room mist then tie it around your head like a mask. If you have a pony tail then tie it above that so it won't slip! Then off you go to work. Eliminating the smell is really the key! Good luck, and God's speed!

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  1. Hi Amanda (I think that's what you said your name was) I'm Sarah. You left on a comment on my "Bike 4 Mali" post (which started June 2!)and I thought I would come check out your blog, I love it, love the momma advice. Even though you posted this one awhile back, I had to comment because I am not looking forward to the day when I have to clean up throw up! YUCK! I will for sure take your advice!