Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tre's $200 midnight Trip!

Well, I guess every parent has a story like this, atleast I hope we're not the only one's! Last night we made our first trip to the emergency room with our little man. It all went a little something like this...
Tre went to bed at around 7 pm, like usual. Then at around 10 pm he awoke, screaming. like major, major screaming. I couldn't even hold him he was wiggling so much. SO we tried everything and by 11 pm he hadn't stopped crying and was no having what looked to me (the freaked out semi-hypochondriac mom) like little mini seizures, where he would just start shaking and especially his left leg would just not stop. (In reality he was probably hyperventilating.) David was sure he was fine, I was not. So we went to the emergency room. Where, after checking in (It's now about 12:30 am)they decided to do an x-ray of his stomach to make sure there was no intestinal blockage. It turns out he is just constipated, not like a little, like it is all the way to his stomach so he can't really even digest any more food. So they sent us home with instructions t get him to poop. $200 later we have this bracelet and a grumpy boy.

On another note, Tre took his first steps yesterday as well. He is now walking when encourages, although crawling is still preferential, running is just around the bend! I will post a video later.

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  1. Full of poop huh!?....who does he inherit that trait from? ha ha!!...just kidding...I'm glad it wasn't anything serious. Looks like prunes and pinapple are in order. Yippee....happy diaper changing. :-)