Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The things my son eats

His Own Poop
Dog Food
Raw Tofu
Cheerios that have been in another babies mouth
and Chocolate Bunnies
I think it's so funny what Tre eats! (You'll have to ask David about the poop story, of course I wasn't around for that one, that never would have happened with me around "wink wink"!) This morning the person whose job it is to take out the trash in our house, hadn't done it in quite some time, so it was piling up. Tre was playing while I was sewing, when all the sudden I noticed that he had been quiet for quite some time, which can only mean one thing... trouble! So I went looking for him, and where did I find him, but at the foot of our overflowing trash can eating burnt tortillas from last night's tacos. Ahh the joys of motherhood! I then tried to teach him the word yucky, which he only thought was the funniest word ever said so he would say it and then laugh uncontrollably. Which then made me laugh, so I don't think the lesson "not to eat out of the garbage" was even conveyed, cause we both were just laying on the kitchen floor laughing every time he said yucky and then took another bite of the tortilla! I love toddlers!

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  1. So...left overs shouldn't be in problem in the future - ha! Marsha