Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sew Fun!

In the past few days I have begun dabbling in the world of sewing! And oh what fun! I love the amount of creativity it takes and the accomplishment at the end of a project. Although I have discovered that I definitely don't have the "personality" to be a great sewer. You know that analytical, perfectionist, accountant type (mom?). Here's a perfect example of what I am talking about: For my first project I decided to make a tote. I went to my mom's house to use her (actually Aunt Diana's) machine. (If I am still showing a passion for this after one month of having the machine while mom is in Italy I will take the plunge and buy my own.) So my mom would read me the directions and I would make it. So we are putting the handles on and she reads, "now, measure four inches form each side and pin the handles on." To me this means, look at the bag and center the handles, my mom was a bit appalled that I would not measure (whatever we do, let's not tell her I don't pin things either, or iron for that matter!). Needless to say my lack of care when it comes to the details, and my recently discovered ability to NEVER cut a straight line has made it clear that my sewing abilities will never lead to a career. But for now, it is sew fun and those gifts I do give, just squint and everything looks amazing!

Here are some things I have done so far:

These are the burp cloths I made for our friends Nate and Shanea, there baby comes tomorrow, on my dad's 50th~ We can't wait to meet her!

This is Scout's new dog Collar!

My Tote (which is now carrying my new sewing books "Bend The Rules Sewing"by Amy Karol, her blog is great too! And my other new favorite book, "Simple Sewing" by Lotta Jansdotter.

And lastly: My first zipper project, a small zipper pouch, which is currently carrying my "little sewing things" like my tape measure, buttons, and needles! (Notice the FINE hand stitching.)


  1. You are having way too much fun...I have been searching and searching for Bend the Rules...Can I borrow it???

  2. I am no longer a sewing virgin, either. I've gotta buy Bend the Rules - keep reading about it everywhere!

    I make my own patterns, or steal mod ideas from other people online.

    Those burp cloths are CUTE!

  3. dude, really, this stuff is GOOD!