Friday, September 28, 2007

My Little Genius

So, here is my little genius. We have been teaching him sign language for a few months now ( 8 months actually). And he is really starting to use it well, he is even forming sentences, and it makes me so proud of him. So I thought I would show off for a bit. I did this on our digital camera, so it is only a ten second blurb, but here are a few of his favorite signs: more, please, eat, hot, but he also knows a lot more! He knows drink, read, thank you, milk, mom, and dad. But as he learns to speak (which is happening very quickly, those signs fade.)

Another thing that we have been instilling in Tre since day one is the gift of reading. So a few weeks ago we got his reading chair off craigslist. He loves it. So we have reading time. Right now his favorite books are anything with peek a boo's that he can lift up and look under, anything with cars, tractors, planes, etc. But most of all it is any of his dad's flight magazines that are laying all over our house. He will sit in his reading chair and look at airplane magazines for hours! He makes all the right noises (jet versus propeller), and screams and points to every single airplane on the pages! I love that he loves to read!

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  1. He is oh so cute and oh so smart...We love you Tre...let's go to the Zoo.
    Brit and Blake