Sunday, May 13, 2007

My First Mother's Day

Well, my first mother's day was fantastic. I have decided this day is now preferred over any other holidays, including my birthday and Christmas! There is just something special about feeling appreciated and loved for loving your kids. I feel that being a mother is the greatest accomplishment, honor, and joy that I will ever experience, so a day that celebrates me for being who I feel I was created to be is THE BEST! Though, I was thinking all day about all the mother's days that have gone by in the past that I did not celebrate my mom and who and what she has done for me. It made me want to make my mom's mother's days much better!

I went to get Tre out of his crib that morning and he was sitting int here playing with a giant baloon that said, Best Mom Ever! And a boquet of roses. And the day just got better from there. My new favorite day is Mother's Day!

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