Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well... I ran the Bolder Boulder! My first 10K ever. I have ran two 5K's and for some reason I thought that meant I was ready for a 10K! It was HARD! I loved it though. I set a good pace for myself, that is what I am most proud of, I didn't need to walk once (although I did walk once when I felt that mylegs couldn't be lifted off the ground any more.) This race was so much fun because there were so many people (over 50,000), and tons of fun along the way. There were peace dancers, belly dancers, water slides, hose sprayers, beer stops (I didn't feel like abeer for some reason?), pools, music, costumed runners, and so much more, it just made the running a little easier because there was so much to enjoy along the way, I even got some mardi gras beads for not a lot of work:) Anways, Here are my splits:

Mile 1: 00:10:56
Mile 2: 00:10:58
Mile 3: 00:11:16
Mile 4: 00:12:34
Mile 5: 00:12:01
Mile 6: 00:11:56
Total Time:

My goal was 1 hour and 10 minutes, so I just missed it. David got me new shoes for my birthday so I am not even too sore. Last night I couldn't walk because of my knees. But David prayed for them and sent me to bed at about 7, and I woke up this morning and they are not hurting!

I think the reason I love running these races so much is the sense of accomplishemnt at the end. I feelt like I could never do that, and then at the end, I feel like telling everyone I see, "Hey I just ran a 10k, did you know that?" I feel so proud of myself, and there are not alot of things in my life right now that give me that sense of accomplishment and pride with just a few minutes worth of hard work. Next year hopefully I will be even faster!

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