Monday, April 30, 2007

Update on Tre's hand

Friday we went to see the Hand Surgeon and the Occupational Therapist we've been working with. We met with them both so that they could collaborate on Tre's progress and what the next step might look like. We have been seeing Trudy, the OT, about two times a week for the past few months. We have been working on getting a larger space between Tre's thumb and index finger that they seperated in December, as well as trying to get him to use the index finger.

The occupational therapist, Trudy, is very encouraged by the progress Tre has made. He is using the index finger indirectly when picking things up, his grip is still naturally inbetween his index and third finger, rather than between his thumb and index finger, but with the increase in space that we have been getting he is starting to grip between his index and thumb, which is great!

The index finger is still very malformed. The hand surgeon feels that we should remove it. After meeting with them the decision we came to is...WAIT. We feel that as he grows and evelops the decision will make itself. If he continues to use it then we will go through with a surgery to try and move it over and starighten it out, this woudl not happen until he was atleast three years old. If we see that it is just getting in the way then we will remove it. But there is no hurry. We will continue to see the OT, just alot less, and do more work at home. As Tre grows and develops the decision will make itself.

Now we must schedule to see the urologist to have the corrective surgery done for his hypospadia. We also will see the foot surgeon soon, now that Tre is pulling himself up and walking around things he wants to reasses his feet and see what we need to do.

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