Thursday, May 31, 2007

Africa Africa!

Well today we leave for Mozambique. All I can think about right now is leaving Tre here. I am not excited yet about the trip because I know I have to say good bye to Tre. I think once I get on the airplane and we are half way to London, so it is to late to turn back for anything I forgot, call Tre, or just change my mind, I will get excited. I am excited to work in the orphanage we will be staying in, but nervous that I will be so sad for all the kids that I won't function right! It is my first time being in an orphanage since being a mom, and I think that it will be very different than the last time. I am excited to see what God has planned for this trip because I don't think I have ever come up against such opposition in the planning efforts for any other trip! So I am coming in great expectation. Please pray for our team, and if you have time for an extra prayer, pray for me, the mom who left her baby behind!

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