Monday, April 30, 2007

My first 5K

Well, I did it. Yesterday I ran my first 5k (That's 3.1 miles). Let me start off by letting everyone know that I am NOT a runner! I can barely run 1 mile without feeling faint! But I did it. And honestly I felt GREAT afterwards. I felt so accomplished and proud of myself. I walked about five times, but I would count to ten and then make myself run again. On the last stretch both my shoes came untied, I was going to leave it but then two people stepped on them so I had to stop, so that cost me some precious seconds! But I did it! Thanks to Brittlee for encouraging me to do it!

I ran in the Cherry Creek Sneak, it's one of the biggest 5k races in the U.S.. There were over 10,000 people in the 5k. My time was 0:32:48.6. I was 1143rd to cross the finish line, and the 549th woman. The way they do the timing is really cool. We got this little black thing to stick on our shoe, and then when you cross the start and finish line it starts and finishes, at the end we threw them in a bucket and they posted the results online later that day!

I am definitely going to run more this summer, I really enjoyed it. It was very difficult but so worth it. If you want to go running, just call!

The next race I am doing is the columbine memorial 5k on Saturday May 12th, come and join me!


  1. want to do the tri for the cure with me???? there's a 5k involved ! (and i think it might be the death of me)

  2. I would totally do a tri if you guys need a swimmer...Amanda you do so awesome...I can't wait until the 12th!