Saturday, December 1, 2012

House Tour 1

I haven't given a house update, ever. We bought it, and I posted a few pictures. And then we thought we would give it six weeks of work and move into our finished home. We were so stupid!

We knew it would be a labor of love. But we had no idea how much labor would be required. We are still about 10 years out on our finished product! But I am so in love with the house, and I think it is so fun. So without further adieu:




This is only the main living area, living room, dining room and kitchen. I will update with bedrooms and basement.

But we have three bathrooms, all of which need to be completely redone. One which is gutted down to the studs currently, one which is leaking currently, and one which has been deemed a hazard zone and no one can go in it.

Our back deck (as you saw a little of) is completely falling apart, it was built with interior trim wood.
Our house need painted, most of the windows do not have screens, and half do not open properly.

Our gutters are clogged, our landscaping is overgrown, and our grass is all dead.

But, we are in heaven. We seriously feel blessed every single day. We never imagined that we would have a house on a bit of property, in walking distance from our awesome down town, with a view. I often times find myself sitting on my bed looking out at our view and just thanking God for his unending blessings, for His ability to overflow our cups. (And our pipes and toilets:)

I will slowly start to post more pics. As we are just now settling and beginning to decorate.


  1. It's always overwhelming when moving into a new house, but you seem to be doing just fine. Your optimism, despite the current state of your house, is quiet inspiring. Just keep up with the necessary renovations, such as the bathrooms. It's a shame that you can't use some of the spaces you need.

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