Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's only been a month...

(This is train of thought posting, it's crazy in my head right now, so it flows like my thought process, choppy and random.)
It's only been a month since my last post. But we've adopted our babies since then, and we've moved, and the house was (I mean- "is being") renovated, and we've gone to the Bahamas, and we've started school, and I've started an intensive training course with Karyn Purvis to be certified in TBRI, and, and...
I feel guilty when I don't blog. Mostly because I want to be able to look back on these times and remember the chaos, my blogs are like our family memory stones, things to look back on, things to remind ourselves, to thank God for our journey how far we've come together...
I reconnected with Noah and Laila's bio-mom. Although I felt as if the adoption was quite anti-climatic, I found myself really thinking about her in that time. So I emailed her. Then I called her. I haven't even really processed it all yet.
I love her.
I am so so sad for her.
At our new house David can never hear me. I yell for him and he doesn't respond. I think that means it's too big. I even might have to buy a baby monitor... We've never lived anywhere where we needed a baby monitor. But this morning I found Charli wedged in her bed rails, I am sure she cried, but I didn't ever hear her... (She was not injured, they say not to put the crib bumpers on anymore because of SIDS, but it seems necessary to me?!) and all day I've been calling for David, and he can never hear me. It's weird.
Our new house is going to be amazing. I know several people are waiting with baited breathe for the reveal (sarcasm), but I think I might wait a bit. One reason is my friend Jeanne Oliver is putting on an amazing e-course you can read about here. And our new house will be featured! So maybe this fall I will do a few posts showcasing different aspects of the house, but it will be a few months. Plus I will have to unpack some things before I can "reveal" much.
We found out yesterday we have to gut another portion of the house. The only portion that we haven't touched really. Our master bath is covered in mold, it was hidden. Deceptively hidden in my opinion. I told David I would just duck tape a plastic tarp around the door and we could shut it and pretend there was nothing there. He said we can't do that with mold. This whole old house thing is a trip.
And next summer we have to redo massive amounts outside. If you come over, be careful on the back deck, you'll see where I mean.
David and I (plus Charli) went to the Bahamas for a week. We couldn't take it any more, we just left, sort of. It was planned, before the move, and before the renovations, and before the adoption, and before a lot. But it happened last week. It seemed like horrible timing to me. I couldn't even find my flip flops to pack. I threatened to back out of the trip on several occassions, David just laughed.
He knew I needed it.
He knew we needed it.
I swore we would do nothing.
He mentioned taking the water ferry for five minutes over to Atlantis before the trip. I said no. I want to do nothing.
About 48 hours into doing nothing I had planned an excursion for us to Harbour Island.
I can't do nothing.
It's a problem for me.
So we took the ferry to Harbour Island, and we rented a golf cart and drove all around. We picked out our favorite houses in the 4 million dollar range, 6 million dollar range, and 10 million dollar range. But first we have to redo our master bath...
And we went to Atlantis a few times.
And we talked.
And we processed.
And we remembered how much fun we have together.
It was refreshing.
Then it was Sunday and it was time to come home again! I couldn't believe it.
Apparently school started on Monday. I didn't know. And apparently none of my kids medical forms got turned in. Was that my job?
So on Monday I ran around getting medical forms, and scheduling yearly doctors visits.
And my preschoolers go in the mornings. I thought I signed them up for the afternoon?
So by Tuesday a few of them made it to school.
I am not the teachers pet anymore.
I used to be a great mom.
Preschool isn't on the top of my priority list.
Neither are vaccinations.
Apparently that doesn't bode well in the school system.
We'll get there.
Thank God I'm homeschooling Tre so I have nothing to do there... oh wait... I'll figure out how to teach him to read, and write, and list all the presidents in order next week.


  1. So, being a linguist at heart, and having a daughter who is not, has been a source of constant amusement to my reading your blog posts! Your reference to baited breath (baited as in fish breath vs. bated breath as in restrained/anticipative) was funny to me, tee hee. I love your postings, and i love the jokes your spelling freedom creates. I wait with bated breath to hear the homeschooling stories ;0} Oma

  2. and you still have it all together despite it all!

  3. Interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.