Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Random thoughts

Okay, the third trimester exhaustion has set in... I just called David for an emergency Dr. Pepper delivery, he is complying. (Thank God!)
The third trimester weight gain has also kicked in, I haven't seen it myself, but I know it's there, I just keep eating, all the time. And yesterday in Power yoga, I couldn't hold my own weight. (For you yogis, you know how down dog is a resting position... yeah, not so much for me anymore, my shoulders are screaming today, apparently I am too much for them to bear!)

In other news, last night I began co-teaching the foster parent training class for the counties that we work with. It was fun! Number one, I have a reason to change out of my work out clothes. And number two, I am so passionate about this. I told the class to get use to me crying, because I cry a lot when I'm not eight months pregnant, so at this point, it is uncontrollable. So I cried in front of sixty strangers as I ripped duck tape off their arms, showing them what happens to children when they are removed over and over again, placed in different homes, bounced through the system... They don't stick so well now. I was given a fresh dose of compassion and love for my kiddos. I think teaching this class will be good for everyone.

And along those lines, I have been reading Wounded Children, Healing Homes , a book about how traumatized children impact adoptive and foster families. It is a great read. One that has kind of given me some perspective on what's going on in our home. And I have come to the conclusion that we need some help. I need a professional who has more perspective than I do to help us decipher if we are reacting appropriately to certain behaviors we are seeing with some of our babies, and how to help correct some of the attachment things we see.

And did you know that the world renowned Institute for Attachment and Child Development is located not even thirty minutes from our home?! So now I am knocking down doors. Apparently it is very hard to get the funding, and it's expensive. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, for now, I am just trying to get a call back. I am praying that we can get some professionals to give us the necessary feedback to continue the healing that is already occurring in our babies lives.

And on another completely different note... we will probably be moving this summer. Not that I want a bigger house... But shortly after the baby arrives we will be breaking the safety codes for foster care regs. So we need another bedroom. I am not sure how any of that will look, and if I let it, I get completely freaked out about the whole thing... BUT, I have been dreaming about this for a long time now...

A vintage Airstream trailer, in my back yard! (I wouldn't mind the palm trees either, but were thinking more of a local move:) I am going to make it my creativity spot. A place I can run away too, but that the baby monitor will still work in... and it will definitely have a front porch with a swinging bed.

This is my current creative spot, where I paint, and sew, and dream. But it is in the storage room, and it's not too... inspiring, to say the least.

We pass one that is for sale every week on our way to church, I make everyone wave and say "There's Mema's Trailer!"

Okay, that's enough random thoughts for today.


  1. I love you but...we've already claimed that airstream...

  2. I am so touched that you are already planning retirement home for Opa & me ;0} It will transition well from the creativity castle to the Butler Bungalow.. We might even ferry it down to Florida back yard every winter?